1 plant / 3 stylings


Hace unos meses me mudé a Dubai y decidí (re)empezar el blog como Sr. Helecho para ver si el alter ego me ayudaba en algo. Con el anterior blog colaboré dos veces con los challenges de los chicos de Urban Jungle Bloggers, que me parece que hacen un trabajo magnífico. Esta va a ser la primera vez que colabore como Sr. Helecho, así que… ¡allá vamos!

A few months ago I moved to Dubai and decided to (re)start the blog as Sr. Helecho to see if the alter ego helped me being motivated. In the previous blog I collaborated twice with the challenges of Urban Jungle Bloggers guys, which I think are doing an awesome job. This will be the first time I collaborate as Sr. Helecho, so … here we go!

Let’s play…
1plant / 3stylings


Good morning!
As I have moved to this new apartment and haven’t had time to look for a good nursery yet, I bought this supersurvivor Pothus to have a bit of green inside… my bed?


Time for a bath…
The truth is, the bathroom is the real place where this Photus live, around soft towels, soaps and water!


Some fresh air
The best part of this apartment is the views of all Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina. A balcony to distract your mind and get a tan!


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  1. Regina says: Reply

    Good morning!

    Love your styling with this simple plant, and love your pictures, too!

    I haven’t had a chance to take my pictures yet 🙁 but hopefully soon I’ll be able to join the fun 🙂

    ps.: Love your blog, and I intend to come back often

    1. srhelecho says: Reply

      Hi Regina!
      Thanks for your lovely comments! It’s the only plant I have (for the time being!). Take your time and have fun taking your pictures. I’m gonna check your blog right now! 🙂

  2. Nicola says: Reply

    Lovely photos – I like the way this post is set out – like you’re following the little plant round the house! 🙂 xxx


    1. srhelecho says: Reply

      Hi Nicola!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 I saw you are a jungle urban blogger too!
      Take care!

  3. Judith says: Reply

    Oh wow, Joaquim! I was already wondering what happened on Instagram 😉 No more Barcelona pictures, but a complete change of lifestyle! I hope you’ll find your way in Dubai and of course also the route to some nurseries over there. Very curious to see how things will go! Like Nicola, I really like the way you “wrote” this Pothos story! It’s very clever and easy going, pretty Catalan if you ask me 😉 Have a great day and weekend, Señor Helecho!

    1. srhelecho says: Reply

      Hey Judith! Yes it has been a really surprising change of life (some friends discovered my relocation through my Instagram pictures!). Thanks for your comments, it’s always a creative experience participate with the urban jungle bloggers crew!
      Have a lovely weekend!

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